Volunteer Coordinators Form Coalition

The mission of the Volunteer Center is to inspire, educate and mobilize volunteers to address community needs. A big part of what we do is connect volunteers to volunteer needs in the community. This requires constant communication with our partner agencies. There aren’t many opportunities for professional development in the volunteer management field, so the Volunteer Center decided to create some.

For non-profit agencies good volunteer management is just as important as good employee management. Unhappy volunteers can lead to a bad reputation for an agency. Good volunteer management creates an effective volunteer force that can make a huge difference in our community. For how important volunteer management is, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for professional development. Even graduate programs in Non-Profit Administration typically don’t offer instruction in this field.

In June 2013 the Volunteer Center provided a two day volunteer management workshop. Twenty one people from 16 agencies gathered in Ames for to lean about planning a volunteer program to evaluating a volunteer program and everything in between.  At the end of the program the participants said that they had a good experience and wanted more opportunities for professional development.

Our AmeriCorps VISTA member put together DOVIA (Directors of Volunteers in Agencies) of Story County beginning in September 2013. Volunteer Coordinators attend monthly meetings discussing various topics related to their field. Some of the topics were: program evaluation, risk management, how to work with service learners, volunteer recognition and a meeting with a City Councilman.

In June 2014 the group decided to change their name to Story County Volunteer Coordinator Coalition (SCVCC- pronounced civic) and to join Story County Quality of Life Alliance. By joining this alliance volunteer coordinators will have the opportunity to work with a variety of community groups to figure out how to most effectively use volunteers to promote the quality of life in Story County.

Anybody who works with volunteers is welcome to attend the meetings. By collaborating with volunteer coordinators we hope to improve the volunteer experience for people across Story County.





About volunteerstory

The Volunteer Center of Story County inspires, educates and mobilizes volunteers to address community needs in Story County.

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