Garden Club

Summer Garden Club at Sawyer Elementary School is underway! This six week program is open to twenty elementary students. The garden is undergoing some changes for the upcoming school year and students have the opportunity to get the garden ready.

The garden was divided into a series of beds so classrooms can have their own garden space this year. A variety of structures were added to add variety and common spaces to the garden. Flowers and herbs along with peppers, tomatoes, squash, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, corn, sunflowers, radishes, beets, peas and beans are and will be planted this growing season. Visitors are welcome to the garden!

Gardens are a wonderful learning tool; just because school is not in session doesn’t mean the garden shouldn’t be used! Gardens provide students the opportunity to use the skills they learn in the classroom and see how they can be applied out in the world. Garden Club address summer learning by engaging students in hands-on activities and gives kids something fun to do in the summer.

“Garden Club is a great opportunity for students to continue learning about gardening, composting and healthy eating during the summer! The summer is the most exciting time for gardening. Students experience the joy and hard work of gardening by harvesting, weeding, planting and watering the garden. This summer we want to bring more awareness to composting, so we are focusing all of our activities on this theme. We hope students will come out of the program appreciating the importance of composting and how they can make positive changes  with their new knowledge,” explains Carol Parks, the AmeriCrops VISTA School Garden Coordinator.

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