Stash the Trash 2014

On March 29th, the Volunteer Center, VEISHEA Service Day, Keep Iowa State Beautiful, Reiman Gardens and more organized the 8th Stash the Trash community clean up event.

Not including VEISHEA Service Day numbers, the Volunteer Center helped check-in over 300 volunteers who picked up 2.04 tons of trash, that’s 4,070 pounds of garbage. Our volunteers did a great job and our community is looking great thanks to their hard work!

There was great weather, great people and delicious food to make the day perfect!  We thanked our volunteers by providing breakfast and lunch and free admission to Reiman Gardens.

Here’s what some of the volunteers had to say about the event:

“It was fun for my kids and I to observe all the other “stashers” along the roads and in parks as we drove through town on Saturday. I appreciate the time we got to spend at Reiman Gardens as part of participating in Stash the Trash. It was a fun day for us, we look forward to doing it again and will invite friends to join in next year!”

“My son and I enjoyed the activity together. We are very appreciative of being able to enjoy Reiman Gardens. The butterfly area was amazing! We look forward to volunteering next year.”

“Really great volunteers at the registration. They were prepared and very fun people to deal with.”

We had a great time! We hope to see all the “stashers” out again next year!




About volunteerstory

The Volunteer Center of Story County inspires, educates and mobilizes volunteers to address community needs in Story County.

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