Seeing a Need and Making a Change

Floyd and Kathy were like a lot of people, after having successful careers they planned on retiring and sailing around the world. That changed after a 2003 trip to Tanzania. They saw kids suffering from severe malnutrition and they knew that they would not get their quiet retirement after all.

The couple from Union, Iowa founded Outreach in 2004. Since then 229 million meals have been packaged by volunteers and distributed in 15 countries, including the United States.

On July 15 Floyd and Kathy were invited to the White House to be honored by not just one President, but two. President Obama and President George H.W. Bush awarded the couple the 5,000th Points of Light Award.

The award was created by Bush in 1990 to recognize volunteers. Today, Points of Light is a major non-profit that promotes volunteerism throughout the United States and the world.

Floyd and Kathy provide a great example of service. They make it easy for thousands of Iowans to volunteer and make a real difference in the lives of children all over the world. They saw a need and they did something about it. Now their lives will never be the same- and neither will the lives of all of the kids that they have fed.

Floyd and Kathy deserve the award not only helping to feed hungry children, but also for serving as a role model for the people around them by being a constant reminder of just how much each of us can do to change the world.

Who is your inspiration?

Do you know an inspiring volunteer? Click here to nominate them for a Daily Point of Light Award!


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